Naku. The way it is.

Naku is forest, the world is forest, naku is the world, we are naku. Human, non-human. Self, others. Material, spirit.  Interconnected and whole. Unified not separate. Of intrinsic, not exploited, worth.

Naku, the world called forest, is a whole comprising countless beings with a riot of knowledge. Naku is a single, interconnected totality, and at the same time a multitude. There is sensible and insensible, matter and spirit, waking and dreaming. All that is known and unknown is connected and causal. This is the world, the forest. The forest is alive beyond human limits. It is naku. It enlarges.

Naku shapes the multiform wisdom which the Sapara are sharing outside the rainforest to revive the living relationships with our selves and the earth. It is the genesis of naku north.